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Help Needed!

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has left many people in inhumane conditions. Many people lost their homes but still would not leave their furry family members behind. Others died or had to say a very difficult "Good-by" and as a result, many animals were "orphaned" or left behind and now helplessly wandering the streets. This is today's reality in Ukraine.

Yellow Flowers

There's Hope

If you read my story in the About section, you've learned that my very first Siberian cat came from Odessa. Gracia's breeder and I became friends over the past couple of years and now, due to these unprecedented circumstances, she is temporarily relocating her cattery to Canada. This was not an easy decision and took a lot of convincing on my part. We do need help to transport these beautiful animals to Canada. If you feel led and touched to help out, please reach out. Every little bit counts!

Yellow Flowers
Cats on the Street

How Can You Help?

Please give me a call at


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