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I keep in touch with my kittens' families as much as possible. Below please find candid letters that I have received over time.

William The Third Collage.jpg

From: Sam, Michigan
Received via e-mail in February of 2023

Hi Victoriya, 


I wanted to give you some updates of William since we last talked. I don't know if it will make you cry or be happy. But I do want to share him with you, since he was your baby first. If you remember me, I came from Michigan to pick up William the third. Named after his grandpa. Let me tell you he has brought me the highest power of joy I can experience. He has a special spirit. He is the most gentle cat and all he wants is to love people and his sister cat. He has a high energy and sprints around the house like a mad man chasing after his sister! Doing twirls in the air when I play with his fishing rod. When he has calmed down, he follows me everywhere, and even sleeps with me every night! When I leave the house, he lays by the door so I won't leave. He is a happy kitty, and is always purring. I thank you for the joy he has brought me, and I am forever grateful. I sent some attachments so you can see how big and grown up he is!


From: Caleigh, Ontario
Received via text message in Oct. of 2023

One week in and Evie remains the sweetest girl in the world and the best decision I have ever made!! She follows me around like a shadow, always wanting to be where the people are. She is so so cuddly and always wants to be next to you or in your lap. She is curious, playful, smart and sweet - all of us are just enamoured by her! My parents came up yesterday and got to meet her again and she was so brave and wonderful with them too. She has settled in beautifully and I am so happy she is in my life💙

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