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Our Story


Breeder With Love and Integrity

In spite of growing up with cats and dogs her entire life, one of my daughters has had allergies since she was a child. All grown up now she informed me one day that she is looking into getting a cat for her new house. "You're what?" - was my very surprised response! Loving the animals, she did her due diligence and found out that Siberians are hypoallergenic breed of cats. I knew nothing about the breed other than that Siberians are very fluffy. Embarking on a research of my own, I found out that contrary to a popular belief, it is not the hair or the dandruff that causes allergies, but the level of protein Fel d1 in cats' saliva and urine. When cats groom themselves, they leave that protein on their coat and subsequently transfer it to the surrounding environment. Siberians produce the least amount of this protein and as a result, many people who are allergic to cats, are totally ok with Siberians! Not everyone, but most! The added bonus is their amazing personalities!

So the search for a kitten has begun and as a result, my daughter and her husband are now happy "parents" of the most fun, loyal, playful kitten! He craves their affection, sleeps in most crazy positions (sitting like a human), greets them at the door, and fetches balls like a puppy.  Naturally, this was love at first sight!

~ Love for life! ~


I knew right away, that this was the kind of cats that I wanted to breed, and imported my first king and queen from my home country - Ukraine. They both come with titles and extensive pedigree from reputable and experienced breeders who guide me all the way. I look forward to this amazing journey of establishing high-pedigree Siberians, both Traditional and Neva Masquerades here in Canada!

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

TICA Registered, my kings and queens have the European champion bloodlines.

The cats are part of our family. We handle kittens all the time, showering them with love and affection.


Your kitten will come to you well-socialized with adults, children, dogs, and other cats; will be registered and starting at around 10 weeks of age vet checked, vaccinated, and dewormed.


We give health guarantee. Please enquire for more information.

A Forever Friend

From TICA website:

"Siberians are a lively, yet highly affectionate breed. Playful in nature, they are happy chasing a feather toy but love just as much to follow family members wherever they go. Siberians make wonderful companions and love to snuggle on cold winter nights. Although they love attention, they are not considered needy and will wait patiently to spend time with their family. Their calm nature makes them a good candidate for serving as a therapy cat."

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